Know Your Audience or Close Up Shop


JoTo PR Disruptors’ commentary on Recode’s article: Snapchat Has Almost as Many Teens as Facebook, Despite Being an Eighth of Its Size

There’s a big chance you’re a snappy business owner and know a thing or two about your clientele, consumer or business.

I’m here today to talk about the importance of location, location, location (on social media).

Fact: Snapchat has almost as many teens as Facebook does… despite being an eighth of its size.1

Is your company dealing with 2017 millennials? I sure hope you’re scheming how Snapchat can help your company. It’s as close as you can get to printing money right now.

But chances are your company isn’t dealing with teenagers and have no plans to work with Snapchat. Fine. I don’t use it in my company’s marketing plan.

However, what I did was look into my marketing and industry and learn where my potential clients were hanging out, what they thought about PR and even how they wanted to be communicated to. Right from the horse’s mouth I got answers to questions that I have based my marketing and sales process around… and let me tell you our PR team is working their tails off trying to keep up.

I am stressing here the importance of data and knowing in an up-to-date fashion where your industry and consumers lie. That demographic test you did 8 years ago? Those people who answered are in a whole new stage of life. Do you know for certain what they think now?

Marketing dollars, PR dollars or whatever dollars you use are too valuable to be throwing them into the void and hoping that something sticks. The technology out there allows for you to pin down exactly who your customer is and where they are spending their time. It’ll probably surprise you.

I can help you navigate the waters of market research; contact us for a free PR evaluation – you never know where a conversation might go.

1 R. Molla (May 09 2017) www.recode.net Web. “Snapchat has almost as many teens as Facebook, despite being an eighth of its size,” Web.

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