Justin Bieber’s Fall From Grace: How can PR Help?

BieberThe ‘Beliebers’ are struggling to understand his behavior, others are offering help. How has Justin Bieber’s behavior impacted his followers, and how can PR help the troubled Canadian musician?

Justin Bieber is only 19-years-old, but already has an impressive list of accolades and career highs. His raw talent, good looks, and squeaky-clean image helped catapult him from YouTube sensation to worldwide superstar and he soon gathered a large fan base – later named the ‘Beliebers’. However, in light of recent events, the star appears to be tarnishing the image that made him so successful.

“Young people in this business have grown up and made the wrong decisions, or bad decisions, and haven’t been good role models. To be someone that people look up to is important to me.” Justin Bieber. (1)

Bieber played up to his ‘idol’ image at the beginning of his career, and appeased the mass following he had accrued. But, it is no secret that Bieber’s standard of behavior has sunk in the past 12 months, going from bad to worse, in a string of events that have also left the star sinking in his fan’s estimations. Public urination, vandalism, aggressive behavior toward others, and drug usage are just a few of the recent activities Bieber has engaged in. Now, in light of his recent trip to Miami, Fla., Bieber can add a DUI to this burgeoning list.

Even the most loyal fans are becoming disgruntled by Bieber’s behavior, and are losing interest in the star.

“I like him less now,” states 16-year-old Bieber fan Olivia Sheane, “I used to respect him, but not so much anymore.” (2)

How can PR help the troubled star? Public relations and crisis management experts are lending their opinion to the situation. Most experts are insisting that Bieber accepts help, and admits his mistakes – this will allow for his fans to see him more favorably, through the vulnerability tactics.

But admitting one erred is not the only tool to bring stardom back to a tarnished reputation.  The proof is in the pudding – Bieber has to show it and needs a good publicity to make any of his good behavior known… but it has to be real – people know when one is faking it.

The same goes for companies – when reputations get tainted through bad service, poor client relations or employee mishaps (and more), one of the best avenues for mitigating damage via communications is to pour on the coals to doing what the company does best and what the original purpose of the company was.  Getting back on purpose and highlighting those goodwill activities to the public (via good press) can squelch a lot of unnecessary rumors that are likely to pop up when something bad happens.  Remember – it’s not always the original transgression that creates the most trouble – it’s the backlash of rumor mongering that kills a reputation flat.

Crisis management PR is a key tool – should Bieber be willing to accept help for his downfalls, PR could repair the already tarnished image, and use strategies that will put him back on the top – where his fans (and parents of his fans) want him to return!


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