Like many businesses, the marketing and sales departments often keep to their own silos, rarely interacting directly, and almost never collaborating. They may share the same goals, but they play different roles in accomplishing them. They often but heads, unable to agree upon approaches to clients, or even who the ideal client actually is.

At least that’s been largely the situation for many years.

So where are the opportunities for collaboration? Where can we find the means to make it happen?

For that, many businesses are turning to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) for the solution to their lead generation and nurturing woes.

ABM Factoid 1: More than 70 percent of B2B companies are focused on driving ABM programs.1

Just what is Account-Based Marketing, anyway?

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, aligns your marketing and sales teams from the very start to stimulate long-term business growth, create satisfied customers, and increase profits. These two departments work together to fashion customized buying experiences for agreed upon high-value accounts.

On the flipside, it means you’re “separating the wheat from the chaff”, removing the not-so-valuable prospects from your pipeline, freeing more resources for nurturing prospects that will produce the greatest return.

Not only is it a win for you, but it’s a boon to your prospects as well – communications, content, and more are all highly personalized to their needs which greatly improves their journey toward becoming a client and throughout the relationship. That kind of one-on-one attention is an outstanding way to inspire and maintain a consistent high-level of customer loyalty.

ABM Factoid 2: About 85% of marketers who measure ROI describe account-based marketing as delivering higher returns than any other marketing approach.2

So, ABM is the best kind of collaboration – both you and your accounts glean a desired benefit. You get better results – and your clients get the kind of special treatment they want and deserve.

So, is it worth realigning your sales and marketing into an ABM model?

ABM Factoid 3: 84% of marketers say account-based marketing strategies outperform other marketing investments.3

Still not convinced yet?

Well, according to research conducted by Alterra group, 97% of participants said ABM had a “somewhat higher or much higher ROI than other market initiatives.”4

Unless you have more high-quality clients than you know what to do with, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start seriously considering ABM as your client-nurturing solution.

Nurturing and maintaining relationships, turning prospects into clients, requires careful planning and full-time attention to each one’s ends. At JOTO PR Disruptors™ it’s our Anti-PR™ practices that assure you get the best ROI for your marketing investment. Contact us for a free Anti-PR evaluation today.


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