JoTo PR Signs Digital Health Leader in Patient Monitoring of Cardiac Events


Karla Jo Helms, CEO of JoTo PR, stresses the value of InfoBionic’s MoMe Kardia technology that obtains medical data in real-time to assist cardiologists in diagnosing and treating patients.

JoTo PR client, InfoBionic, introduces the MoMe® Kardia monitoring system. Cardiac monitors map symptoms of arrhythmias and aid patients requiring intervention.

(Tampa, FL) February 11, 2019 – About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the U.S. every year and 47% of sudden cardiac deaths occur outside a hospital.1 Per Stuart Long, CEO of new JoTo PR client InfoBionic, a leading digital health company, new developments in remote cardiac monitoring permit cardiologists to see a complete readout of cardiac data in present time while saving valuable days off of the time-to-diagnosis. Without a continuous 24-hour capability, doctors often miss the critical minutes before the patient activates the device.2

Thanks to advances in data storage, transmission and machine learning, a new generation of remote cardiac monitors enables 24/7 monitoring, combined with sophisticated data analysis to help physicians cut through large amounts of data. Thus, increased personalization and optimization of AI-powered medical technology will result in improved outcomes for patients and healthcare systems as the CAGR for artificial intelligence in the healthcare market is forecasted to hit 62.2% by 2022.3

In addition, remote cardiac monitors can track heartbeats regularly over extended periods and identify arrhythmias as they happen via a HIPAA-compliant access through any internet connected device such as a PC or mobile device. The MoMe® Kardia monitoring system from InfoBionic features algorithms that give doctors the opportunity to quickly sort through essential patient data to address important cardiac events and diagnose long-term heart conditions faster and more accurately.

InfoBionic is a digital health company transforming the efficiency and economics of ambulatory remote patient monitoring processes by optimizing clinical and real-world utility for the users that need it most – physicians and their patients. The Massachusetts-based team of seasoned entrepreneurs have had successful careers in healthcare, IT, medical devices and mobile technology, and bring specific expertise in remote monitoring and cardiology. Frost & Sullivan bestowed the 2019 North American Remote Cardiac Monitoring Technology Leadership Award upon InfoBionic.

“Cardiologists must have full disclosure of the heart in real-time to serve the medical needs of their patients and their families.” Karla Jo Helms, CEO for JoTo PR said. “InfoBionic’s technology gives them that power by enabling analysis and diagnosis within the practice; without working through a third-party company.”

JoTo PR has a history of innovative PR services that demonstrates their ability in gaining consistent news traction within the media for national and international organizations—helping provide front-line information to the media about industry disruptions and technological solutions aimed at making markets better for consumers. The firm is a trailblazer in the PR industry, blending traditional PR expertise with disruptive digital media to harness the advantages of the current media landscape. JoTo PR specializes in the healthcare, finance and technology sectors, but has worked for a variety of industries and non-profits, using a proprietary process to consistently identify, communicate and distribute to the press the newest news that’s most valuable to its readers, viewers and listenership.

About JoTo PR:

After doing marketing research on a cross-section majority of 5,000 CEOs of fast-growth trajectory companies and finding out exactly how they used PR, how they measure it and how they wanted the PR industry to be different, PR veteran and innovator Karla Jo Helms created JoTo PR and established its entire business model on those research findings. Astute in recognizing industry changes since its launch in 2009, JoTo PR’s team utilizes newly established patterns to create timely PR campaigns comprising both traditional and the latest proven media methods. This unique skill enables JoTo PR to continue to increase the market share and improve return on investment (ROI) for its clients, year after year—beating usual industry standards. Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, JoTo PR is an established international public relations agency. Today, all of JoTo PR’s processes are streamlined PR services that have become the hallmark of the JoTo PR name. For more information, visit JoTo PR online at https://www.jotopr.com.

About Karla Jo Helms:

Karla Jo Helms is the Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist for JoTo PR.

Karla Jo learned firsthand how unforgiving business can be when millions of dollars are on the line—and how the control of public opinion often determines whether one company is happily chosen or another is brutally rejected.

Being an alumna of crisis management, Karla Jo has worked with litigation attorneys, private investigators and the media to help restore companies of goodwill back into the good graces of public opinion—Karla Jo operates on the ethic of getting it right the first time, not relying on second chances, and doing what it takes to excel.

Karla Jo has patterned her agency on the perfect balance of crisis management, entrepreneurial insight and proven public relations experience. Helms speaks globally on public relations, how the PR industry itself has lost its way and how, in the right hands, corporations can harness the power of PR to drive markets and impact market perception.

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