SportsFacilitiesAdvisoryJoTo PR recently released a press release for client, the Sports Facilities Advisory, which was picked up by several media outlets, including Yahoo!Finance.

The release covered the topic of public-private partnerships, also known as P3s – 20  to 50-year partnerships in which the public sector contributes assets (often land or tax abatement) and the private sector contributes investment capital to upgrade or enhance these assets.

Although youth sports and sport tourism have proven to thrive in a still-mending economy – sports facilities have yet to experience that same success. Budgetary constraints are leaving youth sports facilities without the necessary resources to provide much-needed developments. But according to SFA CEO Dev Pathik, sport facilities are one potential P3 that benefit the economy by driving sport tourism and attracting competitive athletes to host cities – with the end result being increased jobs, hotel sales, and spending on area recreation and dining.

According to SFA CEO, Dev Pathik, the sport industry is also seeing a rise in P3’s as the strategy for community sport and recreation centers that provide community users with new facilities while allowing a private operator to bring world class sports training and well-run league programs.

Although JoTo specializes in the healthcare, finance and IT industries, we recognize that amateur athletic facilities are a crucial aspect of economic development for communities. In addition to the economic benefits, sports facilities are great neighborhood additions that go a long way in creating a lasting positive environment for our youth, their families and the community at large.

Strategic PR campaigns help both existing and new facilities generate positive public awareness, allowing organizations to see an increase in participation and community involvement, paving the way for future expansion.

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