JoTo PR Client in the News: Solace Insurance Featured in National Mortgage News

national_mortgage_newsWith the high-profile data breaches of Target, Neiman Marcus and other reputable businesses, the question of cyber protection is a prominent one among corporations today.

JoTo PR client, Solace Insurance, was recently highlighted in an article by National Mortgage News, a publication which boasts over 16,000 unique visitors per month. Bob Childress, CEO of Solace and 30-year industry veteran, discussed the detrimental effects caused by data breaches – effects that are often exacerbated by a company’s lack of preparation, namely insurance cyber insurance coverage. Childress was quoted as an expert source and stated that cybercrime reports about data security tend to overshadow great “internal risks that are rarely in the news” unless the name of the company is well known to most readers, like Target.
Childress maintains that smaller businesses, particularly those that house sensitive personal information such as mortgage, title and real estate companies are at significant risk of becoming cybercrime victims –  but despite most business owners being aware that their potential financial loss suffered from internal and external data breach risks can be limited by securing cyber insurance, the majority forego protection.

Because cyber protection is still finding its footing in the industry, Childress, along with the help of JoTo PR’s strategic communications plan, has managed to establish himself as a credible authority on a growing segment of insurance coverage. The purpose of any feasible public relations campaign is to make a company credible and well-known, which in turn will make people more interested and more comfortable in doing business with you – this is the end-goal because consumers, who drive the marketplace, favor third party endorsements, rather than advertisements.

To become a leader in any industry, it requires persistence and working to maintain longevity by being consistent with your message – the end result is that you’ve built a persona that gives people reasons to contact you when they need your products and services. By showing consumers through news stories, and case studies and human interest angles that you provide the solution that they are looking for, you begin to form opinions and encourage decision-making, all while reaping the rewards.
But what’s important to remember is that you should never fall for the unscrupulous motto, “any publicity is good publicity.” This couldn’t be more ill-advised. Bad publicity does nothing but create a void from which you must dig your way out.

Solace Insurance is an award-winning, independently-owned, full-service agency based in Largo, Florida, with over $1 billion in property insured. Childress states that a growing facet of his business is ensuring that organizations are protected against the inevitable cyberattack.

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