JoTo PR Announces New Client to Improve Cancer Diagnostics and Patient Outcome

Innovative public relations firm JoTo PR introduces a partnership with NuView Life Sciences, Inc. (NVLS) to focus on the biotechnology leader’s precision cancer diagnostics and therapeutics that will improve patient outcome and reduce healthcare costs.

(Tampa Bay, Fla.) November 07, 2016 – JoTo PR has announced an engagement with NuView Life Sciences, Inc. (NVLS), a biotechnology leader in precision cancer diagnostics and therapeutics based in Park City, Utah.

With medical headlines declaring that there are too many cancer diagnostics tests that are considered invasive, unhealthy and pricey, consumers driving hospital ratings have made a case for precision medicine.1

NVLS was founded in 2005 as a Delaware Corporation with the strategic objective to develop and commercialize novel Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging agents. NVLS has two wholly-owned, independently operating subsidiaries: One being the NuView diagnostics LLC (NDx) that develops the liquid biopsy diagnostic applications including the in vitro prostate/bladder cancer urine screen kit. The other, a US Radiopharmaceutical Corporation (USR), an FDA-registered manufacturer and distributor facility of medical isotopes.

In the U.S., breast cancer and prostate/bladder cancer are the most common cancer among women and men of all races and ethnicities respectively. NuView’s technology will improve the specificity of early stage breast cancers and significantly reduce the number of negative biopsies performed each year. Their in vitro diagnostic, which uses a compound visible under a microscope, offers a cost-effective, non-invasive test of voided urine that offsets the invasive nature of the prostate biopsy procedure.

In 2007, NuView licensed the rights to develop and commercialize its first platform technology, NV‐VPAC1, and is currently developing in vitro and in vivo diagnostic applications of the technology. NV-VPAC1 is a series of peptide analogs that target the vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor type 1. The receptor becomes overexpressed in certain key malignancies including breast, prostate, colon, bladder and endometrial cancer. Attaching a molecular imaging or therapeutic component to a NV-VPAC1 peptide enables NuView to develop a series of precisely targeted products that may be used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

“NuView Life Sciences has a very important pharma-economic story to tell. They have succeeded in their research and plan to begin FDA clinical trials in the coming months” said Karla Jo Helms, chief executive officer, JoTo PR. “We look forward to partnering with their team as they champion the options in precision diagnosis of cancer and therapeutics.”

JoTo PR has a rich history in innovative business PR solutions and provides services to national and international organizations. The PR firm is a pioneer in the PR industry, blending traditional PR expertise with high technology so as to harness the advantages of both worlds – traditional and new. JoTo PR specializes in the healthcare, finance and technology sectors but has worked for a variety of industries and non-profits, using a proprietary process to find, relay and render to the news consistently what makes client information valuable to their respective industries.

About JoTo PR: 

Based in Tampa Bay, Florida, JoTo PR is an established international public relations agency headed by PR veteran and innovator Karla Jo Helms. After doing marketing research on a cross-section majority of 5000 CEOs of fast-growth trajectory companies, and finding out exactly how they used PR, how they measure it and how they wanted the PR industry to be different, JoTo PR established its entire business model on those research findings. Since its launch in 2009, JoTo PR’s team continues to utilize newly established patterns to create timely PR campaigns that comprise both traditional and the latest proven media methods. JoTo PR has taken an innovative approach to PR—aligning it with marketing, using social media to leverage publicity and advanced technology to help companies beat out their competition and increase market share as well as improve return on investment (ROI).

Today, all processes of JoTo are streamlined PR services that have become the hallmark of the JoTo PR name. For more information, visit JoTo PR online at https://www.jotopr.com/.

About Karla Jo Helms: 

Karla Jo is the CEO and visionary behind JoTo PR, who cut her teeth in PR via Crisis Management, working with litigation attorneys, private investigators and the media to help restore companies of goodwill back into the graces of public opinion. Karla Jo learned firsthand how brutal business could be when there were millions of dollars to be had – and how to navigate those treacherous waters via control of public opinion. Since then, Karla Jo has patterned her agency on a combination of her hard-won Public Relations experience, uncompromising high standards and exacting nationwide market research across multiple industries. She is a hands-on executive who hand picks the PR professionals who work on her team to ensure client results always meet client expectations. Helms speaks globally on Public Relations and how corporations can harness it to drive markets.

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