Well not exactly gangsta (’cause gangsta is good!), but they sure did make more than just a fashion faux pa. It seems they were featuring a pair of earrings that they designated as “slave earrings”.


The earrings, beautiful as they are, are of African origin and could have been described as such. But no for reasons unknown to computers and fashionistas, Vogue decided to call them by a more derogatory label. Honest mistake? Poor translation? Whatever the reason, the feature created a maelstrom of criticism upon their bouffant heads.

Vogue received some very poor press as a result.

Shine’s article:

“Italian Vogue apologizes for slavery trend piece. Digs hole deeper.”

The Guardian’s article:

“Vogue Italia apologises for ‘slave earrings’ feature”

Vogue’s ‘no-longer’ article:

“Ethnic earrings”