I understand controversy – it can come with a caveat.  But it’s a great tool for PR – one that can open the door…if done right.  One of the things I always looked forward to was TripAdvisor’s annual Dirtiest Hotel series. It told me where I did not want to stay. The website had published a list every January outlining the worst hotels in each region, compiled by user feedback from the previous 12 months.

Hotels began to get on the bandwagon – at least we know Hampton Inn did.  Check out their HAZMAT commercial  – it’s perfect and it shows that they were listening to what their consumers want:

Video has since been removed.

Well, we at JoTo believe that people still want to know who is dirty and who is not!  Yes it was controversial and yes many hotels (chains and otherwise) were very unhappy with the published results, but there was some truth there and as long as they verified their sources, TripAdvisor had a good thing going in PRLand with this caper.

The new TV show, Hotel Impossible, is further evidence of the necessity of such reports:

tripadvisor-dirty-hotels-300x167.jpgBut alas TripAdvisor is no longer airing out the dirty laundry. Woe is us!  This is a JoTo Out!

Read the article here: TripAdvisor Axes Controversial Dirtiest Hotels PR Campaign