JoTo Out: Toyota Drives `Em to Drink

By now we all know about social media. But Toyota has taken a rather bizarre and twisted turn to anti-social media. How did they do this you ask?  Their ad agency came up with the brilliant idea to prank their customers and instill and element of fear and dreading. Now that’s a way to make yourself popular, don’t ya think? And on the way, Toyota gets sued for 10 million bucks, not a PR success story by any means. Here’s the tale hot off the presses in an article via The Escapist:

Toyota’s Alternate Reality Campaign
Drives It To Real Court

“Viral ad campaigns are often difficult to pull off right. For every “I Love Bees”, there’s about a dozen failures like “All I Want For X-Mas Is A PSP” and Toyota’s “Your Other You” ad campaign is an extreme example of the latter. Not only does it sound like a terrible promotion, but a judge has now ruled that a woman can sue the car manufacturer for $10 million…

“You’d think that someone at Toyota would’ve realized that an ad campaign like “Your Other You” was a bad idea. When the company that’s responsible for the amazingly terrible PR campaign of Dante’s Inferno doesn’t want anything to do with a program like this, that’s a definite sign that it should be avoided like the plague.”


Court Approves Lawsuit Against Toyota
Over Cyberstalking Ad Stunt

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