JoTo Out: Overstock and some of the most unintentionally disturbing Christmas ads

This JoTo Out is also JoTo maximum stupid. It reminds us of the introduction of New Coke years ago.

O, No! Overstock Backs Off Name Change

‘We were going too fast and people were confused,’ says company president. officially rebranded itself as about six months ago. It changed the sign on the NFL stadium to which it owns the naming rights, revamped its website with signage, and began an aggressive run of TV commercials that declared, “ is now”

It’s one of the biggest mistakes companies can make in PR positioning – the moral of the lesson is ‘once you have the position you want in the consumers’ minds, DO NOT CHANGE IT.’  But big companies make this mistake all the time and one for one they go down (literally) in the annals as“who?”


Read “O, No! Overstock Backs Off Name Change” in Advertising Age

The 12 Most Unintentionally Disturbing Christmas Ads

Christmas is the biggest shopping holiday of the year. So it’s no surprise that companies spend every December absolutely bombarding us with ads full of cheerful, wholesome, uplifting messages to capitalize on all that goodwill and turn it into something useful: money.

And then there are the ads that seem to want nothing to do with cheer and goodwill, but rather to unsettle you someplace deep in your soul, so that you will never be “right” again. We think that’s a pretty good idea because — we don’t know — there’s just something about you we plain don’t like. So here, look upon these and despair:


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