JoTo Out: Murdoch


Don’t Be a Mr. Murdoch

Okay so I learned my manners watching Romper Room and sometimes wish the rest of the world followed suit, for example:

Ah Rupert Murdoch what have you done? The dirt keeps on dishing and no manner of bluster and issued statements is stopping the snake from eating its tale. The $33 billion-dollar empire is threatened and the question is, will News Corp survive the exposure of criminal activity or will the goliath crumble? They could lose their broadcast license.  Stay tuned!


Seems Like Yesterday: Broken Guitar Has United Playing the Blues to the Tune of $180 Million

This story may be a couple of years old, but it just goes to show you that bad situations badly handled lead to even more bad situations. This could have been a PR coup for United, instead it was a nightmare. Has United ever really gotten its wings back?

Singer-songwriter Dave Carroll’s United flight had just landed when he heard a passenger behind him exclaim, “My god they’re throwing guitars out there.” Members of his band, Sons of Maxwell, looked out in time to see their guitars being tossed by baggage handlers. When Carroll later confirmed that his beloved guitar was a casualty in the melee, it wasn’t just his $3,500 Taylor guitar that was broken. His heart was broken, too. He was able to have the guitar repaired for $1,200, but it will never be quite the same. “It plays well but has lost much of what made it special,” says Carroll.

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