Candy for Breakfast – Nutella Thought It Was a Good Idea

Yes I know I said this would be the ultimate political PR issue of the JoTo MoJo but this one was very difficult to avoid. It seems a major “nutritious” breakfast food has debunked as being no healthier than a candy bar.  Yes Nutella has been ordered to pay out some $3.5 million for false advertising in a class-action settlement.

watching-fox-news-to-learn-about-politics-is-like-watching-hogans-heroes-to-learn-about-the-holocaust-282x300.jpgPolitical Advertising

But alas, this does relate to politics after all. Seems as if a class-action suit against Nutella gets more attention from the bar than political advertising.

How about doing something about false advertising in politics? David Ogilvy said it best,“Political advertising ought to be stopped. It’s the only really dishonest kind of advertising that’s left.”