bildeIn public relations work, you quickly discover that the Hippocratic Oath applies: First, do no harm. When a story is spiraling out of control, you’re often torn between rapid reaction (“We need to get in front of this story ASAP!”) and thinking things through (“Why are we trying to get in front of a story that’s going to run us down like a herd of stampeding bulls?”). The wrong choice invariably makes things worse.

Crisis management is the most unpleasant part of the job, but it’s why you get paid the big bucks… you never want yourself or your firm to be the story, which is what happened to well-known Crisis PR, Hillary Rosen…

Read about it here in the Washington Times called Doing harm: The Hilary Rosen guide to crisis PR – ouch!

KJ comment: This is a great example of a JoTo Out as crisis-management PR flack misapplies crisis management protocol and then blatantly tries to cover up her snafu all the while she kept digging herself a bigger hole. You could subhead this story “When NOT to Defend Yourself”!