JoTo Opines: what your PR motto should be for next year

The Holidays are all about giving back – but why make it only one time per year?  How about translate that into a PR campaign that runs for the entire year?  Good idea!

I will tell you a secret – at JoTo we track our statistics…i.e. promotion we send out, leads we get in, sales we close, etc.  But one factor surprised us when we did a statistic analysis – our gross income was directly correlated to our community involvement.  We got more business nationally when we helped out locally.  Huh?

“Wait a minute!” I said to my business partner, “So all those pro-bono gigs, dishing out all that free advice and sitting on those end-of-endless board meetings as boards of directors contributed to our bottom line?  WHAT?!?”

“Yep – exactly right,” Diane said.  (She’s so smart.)

So we have the “Holiday Factor” as we have dubbed it at JoTo – “pay it back,” “pay it forward,” “give back to your community”…whatever you want to call it.  We always did it because our religious doctrine says it’s the right thing to do, but we have come to realize that it comes back in a myriad of ways – and one of those is how well our business does.

So what about your New Year’s – what should be your PR motto for the next year?

Hint:  Say something nice.

Tell your story with grace…
Karla Jo


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