JoTo Opines: The hidden secret to effective public relations

There is a hidden secret to effective public relations and it all relies on our clients. Yes, that means you even if you are not a client as of yet. I bet you would love to know what the key ingredient to successfully having any company. Lean in a little closer and I will whisper it. We don’t want the competition to find out what you should be doing.

Interestingly enough, when you apply this little gem it will be unique to you and your company DNA and no one can duplicate it and do it just as you do. Getting interested?

Okay, here goes – the hidden secret is – customer service. That’s right, the better you take care of your customers, the better your PR will be with them. Remember that – it’s the key to survival in today’s business world.  what company do you think of immediately when you think of customer service?  Me – I think of the legendary tales of Nordstrom’s.


Have you heard about the customer who tried to return pants that had obviously  been worn, but was still refunded? Or the one about Nordstrom splitting a couple of pairs of shoes in order to fit a man with different-sized feet? How about the blouse that was returned and refunded when it was really from another store?

One legendary story is the “tire chains ” story. A man walked into Nordstrom and insisted that he purchased a used set of tire chains there (Nordy’s doesn’t sell tire chains). Promptly and without hesitation, the Nordstrom clerk refunded the person’s money.

Whether or not these stories have been embellished over time, there is some truth to Nordy’s customer service and today, Nordstrom’s has the best PR for great customer service.

Tell your story with grace,
The JoTo MoJo Editor

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