searsJune seems to be a very popular month for stuff, folks graduate, get married and celebrate their male ancestry aka Father’s Day. Well we don’t want to be left out – JoTo celebrates the month of June in this issue of JoTo MoJo Loco.  We were thinking of making it National Public Relations Month so you could take your favorite PR out to lunch, but that seemed to tacky. MoJo opted instead for National Client Month and this way you can take yourself to lunch and not feel guilty about it. <grin>

Ever wondered what happened to Sears? When I was growing up getting the Sears Roebuck Catalog was one of the highlights of the year. One summer I even got to distribute them at 15 cents a delivery. (This is Larry, BTW, not KJ!) It wasn’t bad because folks just loved their Sears Catalog something good. I was a total tool junky. Nothing made me happier than going into a hardware store or Sears and take a looksee at all the cool tools. I loved hand tools, power tools, you name it. But I really dug those Craftsman tools manufactured by Sears. Tell you the truth; I wasn’t too keen on the gardening tools though. Later on Sears seemed to go crazy and then they merged with Kmart a move I never understood. Kmart’s blue light specials never seemed to jive with Sears. But this was a time where Sears seemed to want to be everything to everyone they no longer were filling that particular niche of appealing to tool junkies.

Short aside: Near where I live there is a Wal-Mart and a Big Kmart. Guess whose parking lot is always full and whose looks like a morgue?

We keep telling you that it is all about public relations and it is – they stopped relating to their public and have been suffering the consequences. But I recently noticed a gentle trend in some recent Sears ads for (you guessed it) Craftsman. In the 90’s they used Bob Villa for their tool commercials, but I had a lot of trouble relating to him. Now they have just a regular Joe out there talking about Craftsman. Take a look in JoTo In – they have gone after the tool junkie in me and I was oh so pleased.

famlyAnd so a new issue of JoTo MoJo Loco is born with a smile of irreverence and things we like (the Ins) and things we like not so much (the Outs) and of course our LaughTrack to help you through the day. Don’t forget our DIY sector, where we offer you a quick way getting to know your customers.

Tell your story with grace, truth and beauty, everything else will fall into place…

The JoTo MoJo Editor