Silva_SonnenPR is not for wussies! Yep, PR is not for wussies, not when it comes to your public relations that’s for sure! PR is being out there willing to say what you stand for and then being able to back up what you say.

Many of you know that over the past year I have become a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). This month had a great example of using PR to create one of the most talked about fights in UFC history.

The picture above is Heavyweight Champion Anderson Silva with heavyweight-champion-wanna-be Chael Sonnen. “The rematch between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen was no doubt the biggest event of the year and will likely hold onto that title throughout the year. It was one of the most hyped rematches in UFC history, and although it was brief, lived up to hype surrounding it.”~bleacherreport. com

Chael Sonnen is WHO created the hype using the oldest technique of PR our there – emotion to elicit a response. He talked smack, he berated Silva and he did it over and over and over. What happened was what SHOULD happen when someone uses PR like that. Silva’s fans HATED him (rightly so) and Chael’s fans LOVED him and it created vast popularity for the fight way before the fight occurred. It was entertainment, folks.

The twist is this: Anderson Silva is one of the TOP UFC fighter in the WORLD. What Chael dis was blatantly lie about Anderson Silva that it was funny. It was so funny and so incorrect that it literally drove that fight to be the MOST TALKED ABOUT fight history.

The final twist: Chael LOST. But make no bones about it, Anderson was visibly worried that night. And it made for one of the most emotionally intense fights I have seen yet. (And there are rumors about another fight between them.)

That is PR, folks. Just another angle that you might not have known about. Kudos to Chael and the UFC for using PR to hype it up. Who knows, Anderson might have been behind it too because it definitely helped to sell his fight…for which he made a cool $200,000 for about 7 minutes (and that does mention unrecorded/unofficial bonuses by the UFC).

See how Chael did it here in this vid-diddy: