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This month we are hooking you up with some more of our favorite videos, articles and sites.

Ultimate Dog Tease (Talking Animals)

Dogs. Love. Food. And I love this video so much – it is sooo funny. If you are a dog lover, you will see what this has over 24 million views on YouTube.

Shout out to friend & colleague, Bernie Borges with Find and Convert

find and convertFind and Convert’s mission: Help businesses produce sales opportunities through Internet Marketing

“The Internet is where most people start when searching for a product or service. Our mission is to help businesses identify Internet Marketing strategies that produce measurable results that impact the sales potential of a business.  Our Internet Marketing Services are designed to deliver measurable results that allow a business owner or executive to quantify their return on investment in their website and web marketing efforts.”   Check out

Next Low-Cost Manufacturing Center: The United States

Boeing Everett PlantIf you think the future of manufacturing belongs to China, India or other emerging economies with lower wages, think again.

At least one analyst firm is predicting that reinvestment during the next five years could “usher in a ‘manufacturing renaissance’ as the United States becomes a low-cost country among developed nations.”  Check out the article on

Swiss “Jetman” Flies over Grand Canyon

Swiss “Jetman” Yves Rossy completed an eight-minute flight along the Grand Canyon on Saturday, one day later than planned and away from the media spotlight. The flight lasted eight minutes. A helicopter lifted the Swiss daredevil an elevation of roughly 8,000 feet to a spot where he jumped. At times, he was flying as fast as 190 mph and maneuvering 200 feet above the rim of the canyon before parachuting to safety.

David Brier’s Defying Gravity Ad: Director’s Cut

“It’s a book! It’s a plane! It’s Super Brand!” Brand identity expert David Brier unleashed a book on Earth about the eight key principles for brands that defy gravity and rise above the noise. If you love branding, gorgeous design, short text, big visuals in an oversized (11 tall x 13 wide) hardcover book, OMG! You’ve found it.

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