As the month wears on, and the numbers are not always doing what you want them to do, it is time for a mid-month laugh. We call it the MoJo Laugh Track ‘cuz that is what we want you to do – have a good laugh and get back to work and make those numbers highest ever!

Korean Method To Making Popcorn

We cannot vouch for the accuracy of this video. But if this is the standard method of making popcorn in Korea, it might account for a few things going on over there. And we thought Quaker Oats was the only things shot from a cannon.

Talking Twin Babies

It has been said that twins have their own language. Check out these twin baby boys as they have a conversation all their own.

Evolution of Dance

I have to admit this is one of our favorite funniest videos of all times. We just dig the heck out of Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance.”