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Breaking the Barrier: Movie short inspired by a real couple

I cannot tell you how much we laughed and laughed in the office watching this…and now we are showing you.  I guess there is just something about boy humor (as I call it) that breaks the monotony of the workaday (though NOTHING is monotonous at JoTo!).  There’s also nothing like a woman giving her man some of his own medicine…but in this case, this woman gave him an overdose!

Content Marketing: Unbranded company blog boosts B2B agency’s revenue 15%

SUMMARY: Creating an effective company blog can seem daunting, but it does not have to be an all-consuming task. With a few good processes and a focus on short, valuable content, you can build an audience and increase sales.  Read the MarketingSherpa article here.

6 Ways to Avoid a Social PR Hangover

Retracing the steps of what happened after a social PR campaign “gone wild” is reminiscent of the movie “The Hangover.” Despite the right intentions, the plan just goes sideways when the mixing and mingling ends up with the wrong crowds, miscommunication, and bad decisions. The result can be quite a sobering (and unpleasant) experience. Read about it here at Search Engine Watch.

Survey Says … PR Firms (Still) the No. 1 Source for Journalists

A new poll suggests that journalists are increasingly relying on social media for their sources, but it’s still not as influential as PR. Oriella PR Network polled nearly 500 journalists, and learned that 47 percent are using Twitter (up from 33 percent a year ago) and 35 percent are using Facebook as a source (up from 25 percent a year ago).

Still, social media isn’t the first thing they’re going to—only 4 percent said they use Twitter, Facebook, or blogs as their first source in researching a story.  The No. 1 resource that journalists in this study are using for sourcing was PR agencies, with a whopping 62 percent.  Holler!  Read the scoop here at

Bruce Schneier: The Security Mirage

Editor’s Note: Security is an ever looming situation whether you are online or off. In this video security expert Bruce Schneier lays it all out.

The feeling of security and the reality of security don’t always match, says computer-security expert Bruce Schneier. At TEDxPSU, he explains why we spend billions addressing news story risks, like the “security theater” now playing at your local airport, while neglecting more probable risks — and how we can break this pattern.

Evolution of Dance – By Judson Laipply

If you have never seen the Evolution of Dance well here is your opportunity – enjoy! If you already have seen it, well just enjoy it again.