JoTo – Ism: The role of Public Relations

We have put together a fantastic white paper on the role public relations plays in your marketing plans. I have selected a couple of choice bits to whet your appetite…

“A common misconception about Public Relations is that it is completely separate from marketing; that effective marketing can be done without PR2.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  These two subjects are actually intrinsic to each other as they both ultimately have the same goal—a positive result from the public, whether it is in the acquisition of acquired admiration, trust or respect, or whether if it is in the form of product interest and purchase.”

“It applies to dating or marrying someone, it applies to selecting a school for your children, it applies to voting for a politician (although you are still likely to be disappointed with a political choice at one time or another—the reason being that politicians often misapply Public Relations by lacing their PR with “white lies” or in some cases with blatant distortions). In the end they are always found out. So, remember, always be truthful in your PR as well as in your marketing.”

You can read the earlier blog post here:  Corporate America’s Most Common Corporate Misunderstanding – The Relationship Between PR and Marketing

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