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Street Cred – (~Urban Dictionary)

  1. commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments. He’s been thru it all.   His street cred is undeniable.
  2. your “coolness” factor

Ahhh you gotta love our JoTo-Ism’s. Carrying the torch for PR is not a lonely job – especially when you have clients that get their marketing boost from your public relations program.  Check out some of our fantastic clients below who are making waves in the media.

Winter the Dolphin hires an attorney:
 Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns is the largest law firm in Pinellas County. It was no surprise when their Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney, Frank Jakes, was asked to represent the CMA dolphin, Winter, in contract negotiations for the major motion film, The Dolphin Tale, that was filmed here in Clearwater. Johnson Pope Goes to Hollywood was the PR cry that garnered them quite a bit of press before the movie premier! Here’s just one of the articles:

Winter the dolphin has lawyer to protect her trademark


BNI West Central Florida makes the news: Sales people just love PR because of the credibility it supplies. There is nothing like showing a prospective client an article or series of articles to get in good. Take BNI West Coast Florida as an example. Rather than having to explain how BNI provides a unique business referral service, their team just has to pull out this article that explains it all. And it reaps credibility because someone else (the Gulf Coast Business Review) is telling the story for them.

Replicable Recipe


Tom Fleming bought two BNI franchises with 13 members in 2003.
In less than a decade that number has swelled to 1,600. Photo by Mark Wemple.

Water’s Edge luxury condominiums know PR: And how about Water’s Edge that effectively used PR to build relationships and tenants before they started selling and during the process – they are now sitting at 70% sold (in just over one year). Take a look at the news clips that take you through the entire process.

If you ever wondered what are the key ingredients to a good PR program? Well, hiring the right firm that understands your company of course. Check out this article:

7 Tips on How to Choose a Professional PR Company

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