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  • List Construction, aka Construct Your List!

Your mailing list is the lifeblood of your organization. Your strength and growth depends on the quality and size of your list. Earlier in this issue we described how to maintain your list so that you get the results you want but how do you get names on your list. Yes you can buy names, but you have to be very targeted and follow the SPAM laws to the “t” – and you have to know how to market to lists like that so you get a return (that’s our expertise by the way).  One of the things you can do to start out is to build your list from your customers and prospects you have gotten through networking, prospecting at the close of sales, referrals, etc.

The first thing you need to know about building any list is that you don’t want to violate the Anti-Spam Act. Therefore all subscribers have to have the ability to opt in (asked to participate) and opt out (ask off your list). Fortunately, if you are doing it yourself most of the do-it-yourself bulk mail providers have this attribute built into the application automatically.

Constructing your list does not have to be an imposition. It can be created relatively easily if you follow a few simple pointers.  In fact here three key steps to creating a successful mailing list.

  1. Make them want to join up: There are a number of ways to do this and get folks to opt in. special offers, gifts, newsletters, recipes, whitepapers, reports, etc. You should know your target market and know what they would want (that is where market research comes in.) Provide them with the right offer so they want to join up.
  2. Easy does it: Make the signup process easy to do. Don’t make them jump through hoops. You can collect information later, but right now a name and email address will do. This is list building 101.
  3. Don’t send stupid stuff:  How many times have you received an offer from a company for something you already own or the offer has absolutely nothing to do with you? Don’t send your customers stuff they don’t need or want or is irrelevant. Send them what they need and they will be customers for life. Segment your mailing list as much as possible so you really are sending the right stuff to the right peeps. They will love you for it.

JoTo is prepared to help you with your email marketing. Our program provides for list growth and lead nurturing including advanced database segmentation so you can drill down to your exact publics. We even help you find your exact target markets and get them to opt-in to receive info and offers from you.  Check out this video featuring Jamie Sene our Lead Generation & Internet Marketing Specialist:

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