JoTo In: Flash Mobs – In, Out or In-Between?

When flash mobs and dances first appeared I thought them to be one of the more magnificent creations occurring on earth at that time. Sure some of them were contrived and some were overly commercial (T-Mobile) but overall I got such a kick out of them. They were positive PR for whatever group or organization they were associated with. I loved the spontaneity and originality. No two were ever alike and they seemed to being such joy to onlookers. I loved watching the audience suddenly participating in the dance or song. Recently while watching the Copenhagen Philharmonic unexpectedly spring to life in the Copenhagen Metro I was reminded about all that is fantastic about art. I also realized this was an incredible Public Relations success. It could only be done by the performers themselves (and was orchestrated by a PR firm!). So in April 2012, the Copenhagen Philharmonic surprised the passengers in the Copenhagen Metro by playing Griegs Peer Gynt. The flash mob was created in collaboration with Radio Klassisk All music was performed and recorded in the metro. This was so cool as am sure you will agree when you watch the video itself. It just goes to show you that a great flash mob can bring great PR.

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