(September 19, 2011, Tampa Bay, FL)  JoTo Extreme PR announced they have signed on Suncoast Rehab Center as a client. Located in Spring Hill, Florida on three acres of land, Suncoast Rehab Center provides a therapeutic and safe environment for those seeking to recover from drugs and alcohol addiction.

Suncoast Rehab Center offers a multi-pronged approach, first removing the build-up of drugs from the body, followed by social education. The person seeking treatment then deals with the situations that first led them to drugs. As stated on the Suncoast Rehab Center’s website, “We don’t just get people off drugs; we bring them back to the way they were before they ever started taking drugs.” More information is available at www.suncoastrehabcenter.com.

About JoTo Extreme PR:

JoTo Extreme PR is a new type of Public Relations Company founded by Public Relations innovators and veterans Karla Jo Helms and Diane D. Stein in order to fulfill a gaping hole in the industry with the advent of new media. This brave, new world of mediums requires a new type of PR Company, one that not only understands PR basics, but knows how and when to apply them to the various media and new channels available. JoTo is a hybrid, a blend of traditional with high technology so as to harness the advantages of all the worlds. JoTo uses the true technology of Public Relations as a holistic approach to companies’ marketing and promotional avenues by creating campaigns that will result in a prosperous and expanding business. Visit JoTo Extreme PR online at www.jotopr.com.