Public Relations innovators create new company, JoTo Extreme PR, to fill an abyss in the industry by bringing PR back to basics

Elementary PR with a new twist: that is how you describe JoTo Extreme PR, launched in 2009 by Karla Jo Helms and Diane D. Stein, professionals in the PR industry who created a unique-new business model out of their passion to fill a void that exists in Business PR and help companies use Public Relations the right way.  JoTo Extreme PR says there are two things that can increase the value of a PR campaign for a company:

1. Having business know-how
2. A thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of PR
Helms confidence in the value of PR gave her the impetus to leave her corporate career when the recession was at its peak.  After being the Vice President of Public Relations for an Inc. 500 company that serviced over 350 industries, Karla Jo acquired a wealth of experience of how public relations worked on a broad scale.  Helms then partnered with Diane D. Stein, a former executive at an Entrepreneur-Hot-100-List business-consulting firm and veteran PR.
JoTo says PR campaigns should focus on getting businesses a better return on investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars – period.  When former marketing methods are no longer working in the “new economy,” businesses try turning to fads out of desperation.  Fads not grounded in core principles don’t last.  Fads only work if applied with those core principles in mind.
According to Veronis Suhler Stevenson, a private equity firm that publishes annual reports on the state of the PR industry, PR spending would jump from $3.4 billion in 2010 to 4.4 billion by 2014.  The reason for the accelerated industry growth is the adoption of social media and other word-of-mouth techniques.
Both Helms and Stein say PR is often misunderstood and is a misused technology.  With the inception of digital outlets for media including social media, Stein says being grounded in traditional values is more important now than ever.
“Today, you have to understand business basics and PR fundamentals in order to fuel marketing campaigns that will get results,” says Helms. “And if that’s not being done, [PR] is not being done right.”