JoTo Extreme PR helps companies weather digital media attacks and thrive

(TAMPA BAY, Fla.,) – Lady Gaga’s got a new gig. Harnessing her powerful influence, she has teamed up with some of the world’s best and brightest to launch the Born This Way Foundation, a campaign designed to inspire responsible digital media and combat damaging and even dangerous cyber bullies.

The nonprofit, supported by partners such as the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is raising awareness about the abuses and misuses of digital media — an increasingly serious issue that harms individuals and cripples companies daily, according to Karla Jo Helms, CEO of JoTo Extreme PR, a public relations firm based in Clearwater, Florida.

“As digital media has evolved, corporate cyber harassment practices have become more stealthy and serious,” Helms says. “Anyone attacking your reputation is trying to destroy your relations with your public so you cannot operate well in business. At JoTo Extreme PR, our goal is to help businesses do whatever it takes to reduce their likelihood of being victimized, while providing ways for dealing with cyber harassment should it ever strike.”

Cyber harassment comprises everything from libel and slander to defamation and even whispering campaigns (malicious rumors spread about a certain company without revealing the rumors’ source). There are natural laws that govern handling such negative publicity, and these laws are often counter to how we typically operate on a one-to-one basis, Helms says.

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