JoTo DIY: The JoTo MoJo Recipe for Press Release Success – The Ingredients

pressrelease-300x281.jpgOnce upon a time (and still)  there is a great press release writer and I have been fortunate enough to know her and even more fortunate that she has been willing to share her ideas on release writing to me and now her entire JoTo Delivery Teams.  Here are some key tips you should keep in mind while writing a release for your organization.

The JoTo MoJo Recipe for Press Release Success – The Ingredients

  1.  One Cool Catchy Headline that draws your reader into the release, very strong and concise.
  2.  One Hook/Lure. If you are fishing, you need a good line like a new product or your excellent service.
  3. One Call to Action. Very important to inspire the writers, readers to do something like come to your web site, your store, etc. Have some special offer.
  4. One to two Graphics. Show off your goodies. Your release should include visuals like photos (high resolution), videos, etc.
  5. One Logo. Make sure you provide a high resolution logo.
  6. Optimize for 1 main Keyword/Keyword Phrase. You can have  a secondary Keyword/Keyword Phrase in the same release. Pepper your keyword(s) throughout the release (no more than 10 times) to enhance your search engine rankings, but just like you only use one angle for one press release, use only 1-2 keywords in your press release that goes with that angle.

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