JoTo – DIY: Tell Your Story to the Media

It’s time to get into some down home DIY! Earlier we were discussing how this is a great time to do a PR inventory – sit down with your bad self and figure out what stories you have that are newsworthy and how you can get them distributed, published, etc.

Action Plan

  1.       Read: One of the first things you want to do is read. Yep, I did say read. You want to read industry publications related to your business. Read publications that you know your customers would be reading. It is really important to be familiar with the media before you pitch it so you know what kind of stories are being written, on what topics, etc. Check out what is being written on your competition and any other similar businesses. So yes, lesson number one is to read!
  2.      Avoid the Editor’s Pet Peeve: When it comes to pitching the media, almost every editor will tell you the same things. You see there is this pet peeve that flies around every publication and it goes like this – someone calls them and says they have a great story and instead of suggesting a story they say: “Write about my CEO or Write about my product, it is awesome. This is not a PR pitch this is what we call the “me” pitch. It lacks credibility right from the time the phone is answered.


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