JoTo DIY: Making Videos – PR Tips

So you think it is time to get some video of your organization on YouTube but you don’t want them to look like used car commercials. Here are a few tips to making that video look professional and get you some results. Who knows, your video may go viral.  Remember you want your video to stand out and catch attention and not just be a visual catalog and boring. You are not producing a documentary – you are producing a slice of your company’s life – Make it happen!

One of the key factors is to tell a story. Take the viewer on a trip through a facet of your organization. Tell them a story! Give them a great beginning with a wonderful story line and a memorable ending.  Don’t forget who is watching the video. It is not an insider, it is your customer. Think like one. What would they like to see … what do you want them to know about you. Stories are magic but don’t make a fairy tale, folks know when you are throwing the bull, be honest and factual but fun. And put some danged emotion in it! Don’t just sit there give them love and action and enthusiasm for your organization. Use your customers – they are your best salespeople.  Let them tell your story; you would be surprised how relevant it will be to your viewers.  Google Chrome does this very well – check it!

Use professionals whenever possible. You want a quality product so by all means choose someone to produce and direct your video that knows what they are doing. Don’t just use your Uncle Henry because he has a video camera. And very importantly don’t make your video too long 3 minutes max and you can make a series but don’t go overboard shouting facts and figures, this is not a PowerPoint Presentation, this is “reel” life. Make your organization logo gets a prominent position so as to extend your branding.  Check out another cool one from Google Chrome:

Hope this gives you a few bright ideas! Think action, fun and relevance and just don’t be boring and you just might have a hit. Go ahead – make some magic! And here’s one more to give you another idea:

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