batmanOkay so you finally realize it is time to do some cool PR for your company or organization. But you wonder how to start. The last thing you want to do is sound like a stupid amateur, yet the whole idea is rather tough to get into – as it embraces the rather large world of public relations. Don’t worry…you don’t have to think about this a lot. Because there is a great starting place – and that is with YOU. As in all aspects of life, it is important to be yourself, i.e., allowing your company to be itself as it presents itself on the world or local stage.

The beauty of the Internet is that it sees through pretension and self-aggrandizing. So the first rule is Just Be You. Now you may ask in a great Vincent Price voice “Who am I?” Let’s sit down and figure this one out. Consider this to be operation Discover Your Real Business Self:

A company or organization is made of many different parts, but there is an implied beingness or wholeness to those parts. The “you” of an organization is the image that the organization puts forth. It is not the products themselves but the quality and usefulness of the products and of course the service and care behind them. What you are looking for here is the uniqueness of you.

  • What sets you apart from other companies, etc.?
  • Don’t just conjecture this yourself, talk to your staff, your customers.
  • Create this picture from their input and your goals and purposes.
  • Write it up an read it back to yourself – be creative.
  • Let others read it.
  • Get their feedback – does it communicate? Does it tell your story of who YOU are?
  • Rewrite it – be succinct.
  • Read it again out loud to yourself. Does it communicate? (Don’t try to be perfect with it.)
  • Use it in networking – see the reaction it gets. Do you have to explain it more? If so, revise it, rework it.
  • Do this until it’s as natural as saying your name.
  • Be happy with it.
  • Be confident and cocky with it – after all it’s YOU!

You are creating a marketing ID. It is a place to work from and communicate from and you will find that your communication flows more freely and more directly than ever before. This is your unique marketing Identity. It defines who and what you are and it lets you be yourself.