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Publish, Publish, Publish: In real estate they tell you Location, Location, Location. When it comes to promoting your product the key is creating excellent content that demonstrates how your product or service helps people. All products or services solve problems of one sort or another. That is why they were created in the first place.

So who does the best job at promoting a product or service? What companies or brands seem to be in the news all the time? Sure you have your major brands – not likely you will unseat a Levis, or Coca Cola, a Symantec or an Apple – but what about some lesser known brands that give hope for the little guy.

GFI Labs BlogCheck out Sunbelt Software, recently acquired by GFI. Their CEO Alex Eckelberry has an incredible reputation in the security software sector and his blog helped build Sunbelt up to where it is and put them on the map. Sunbelt is not as big as Symantec or MacAfee but you see a lot more quotes from Alex than just about any other exec.

Izze.comThe IZZE Beverage Company is not Coca Cola but their natural juice sodas are probably a heck of a lot better for you. IZZE prides itself on its civic involvement and giving back to the community. From their web site: “Contributing to a greater good and giving back to the community are key components of IZZE’s culture and mission.” How can you not love a company like this? Check out their site and blog. They are also active on Twitter and Facebook.

So pull on your MightyMan or WonderWoman boots and get out there and talk about how your product solves those problems, use examples, testimonials and let the public know. Social media is excellent for this whether through blogging on your own site or commenting on another’s blog. Create a Facebook page and make friends. Publish, Publish, Publish!

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