GoogleAs promised this DIY is all about you. Can you imagine a more fascinating subject than your organization or company? For certain you have a certain perception of your group. You like to think it lives up to your standards and that its reputation is nothing but pristine. Perhaps it is time to take an outside look. There are a number of ways to do this. The first of course is Google. And just like last month when we suggested that you Google your competition, this time we ask you to Google yourself. There are a couple of ways to go about this.

  1. First is just a straight out Google of your company name. Let’s just check what is out there in that vast cyber-universe we call the World Wide Web.
  2. Next is just a simple addition type in “reviews” right after your company name. Read what the public has to say about you. You might be pleasantly surprised or you might be in for a rather rude awakening. Either way this data is something to work with and can help you improve public perception of your company or organization.
  3. Some sites enable you to contact the reviewer. Here is a perfect opportunity to get a second chance and create a great relationship. You don’t have to give away the store to sway the customer. You just have to provide great customer service.
  4. Remember this: great customer service will not make up for a lousy product.  And the corollary: lousy customer service will destroy a great product. You need both to be successful in this world. In today’s rapid moving communication system, word travels fast and you want the perception of your company at the highest level.