IT PR - High-Profile Hacking CaseFeds’ Case Against Journo Spurs Crime-and-Punishment Uproar

By Richard Adhikari via TechNewsWorld

“A journalist is charged with giving a notorious hacker group the keys to the network of the company that had just fired him. Ordinarily the issues raised would focus on dealing with security threats from within corporations. Yet with the Aaron Swartz case still fresh in the minds of digital rights advocates, there’s a new question making the blogosphere rounds: Does the threatened punishment fit the alleged crime?”

Cyber-security expert, Stu Sjourwerman of KnowBe4, comments on high-profile case of ‘disgruntled-employee-gone-bad’ and what it means to employers of small and medium-sized enterprises.  “Insider errors and malicious data theft are a bigger risk than external hacks,” Stu Sjouwerman, founder and CEO of KnowBe4, told TechNewsWorld. “Everyone in your company has access to your data.”

Sjouwerman goes on to explain that deprovisioning your ex-employees once they leave only takes 10 minutes of work.  Compared to a mountain of hassle and even lost revenues – why aren’t companies more proactive in their security?

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