How is your online content? How long are the articles you publish? For bloggers and writers, it can sometimes be confusing as to how much should actually go into their works. You need to make sure that your readers’ interest is not only peaked but that they remain interested in whatever you write. So how long/short should tweets, blogs, advertisements, social media posts, and more actually be? Is there a formula? What’s the right amount of verbiage and what’s too much?

Article Set Up

While setting up an article, it is essential that a complete understanding of the article’s goal and its basic aim be present before beginning. The most important aspects may not be captured if research is not conducted thoroughly. If, when researching, too much information is found, the writer can have a difficult time trying to fit all of it into their piece. They must decide what the high points are or risk losing the attention of the reader.

How’s Your Content?

Your content is likely to go unread if it’s not addressing the needs of your audience – no matter how good it is. Before you even start writing, get a good idea of how long you want your piece to be – certainly before diving into research. You’re more likely to find the perfect fit for your audience if you remember the content is as important as length.

Now for some general rules of thumb. We are going to give you some pointers as to how long certain aspects of written/spoken communication should be below:

  • Eight-character limit for ideal domain names.
  • Roughly between 20 and 39 characters for the subject of an email.
  • Try not to go over 18 minutes for the perfect presentation.
  • Approximately between 40 to 55 words wide for paragraphs.
  • 1,600 words or less for bloggers.
  • The perfect length for a headline is six words.
  • Try to keep it to 60 characters on your Facebook posts.
  • Keep it to 100 characters (there is a maximum of 140 characters) for your tweets.
  • Use 55 characters or less for your title tags.
  • Keep it to under 60 characters for Google+ headlines.

Additional Pointers

Have you ever read something and thought to yourself, “Wow! This person loves their big fancy vocabulary!” There is absolutely no point in talking over everyone’s head. Not only will a number of people not understand what you’re trying to say, you’re going to aggravate others. Sound intelligent, yes, but don’t sound like you’re pulling words out of the dictionary or your thesaurus just to impress.

The shorter your paragraphs the better, for the most part. It’s more appealing visually, and more intriguing for the reader.

Make sure that everything in your article is relevant. Try not to go off topic. That’s one reason that some pieces end being too long.!

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