Is Your Business Suffering from Buzzkill?


Every business want’s buzz, yet many businesses, instead, suffer from buzzkill.

People often think of buzzkill as being one specific incident that happens to a business, such as an annoying customer raising a ruckus and bringing everyone down. Yeah, that guy can create buzzkill.

But buzzkill encompasses so much more.

Buzzkill can be thought of in this fashion: Every business should want “buzz” coursing through its veins. Buzz is excitement, action, life! If your business isn’t in a near constant state of buzz then it is missing, to a degree, life, which is the equivalent of buzzkill.

There is no faster, surer, or more powerful way to create buzz than through EARNED MEDIA— hence via a killer PR campaign. A campaign that puts your business in lights, gets social media buzzing about you, and, in the end, creates sales—more people more interested and comfortable in doing business with you.   

At JOTO PR we excel in creating PR BUZZ. How? First and foremost, we put your company in a position to disrupt the marketplace. No one is going to notice you if you’re just another company that creates “quality” products or services. (Who doesn’t claim to do that?)

PR disruption comes about by influencing the media in such a way as to redefine a portion of your industry and then inserting your company as the thought leader that is spear-heading this positive disruption.

But beware, not all PR activities are equal. There is lazy PR and there is professional PR. Lazy PR (done by some PR firms) throws out a couple of “fluffy” press releases with a hope and a prayer. If these don’t create buzz (which they rarely do by themselves) then there’s no good PR generated.

A professional PR campaign is achieved by:

  1. Smart Market Research – discover how to get in your public’s head and disrupt their thinking to think like you want them to.
  2. High-Level Strategic Comm Plan – organize all Anti-PR deliverables to achieve super ROI.
  3. Impactful News Releases – become a thought leader in your industry, done the Anti-PR
  4. Publicity & PR – get other Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers to tell your story for you.
  5. Social Media PR Campaign – make your message personal and go viral.
  6. Compelling Content Marketing – keep the conversation going by positively controlling the calls to action—this is where you can tell more of your story.

The above actions are the bed-rock foundation of a successful Public Relations campaign. They are the services we deliver at JOTO PR.

I would love to help put your company on the fast track to exponential growth by enlightening you further about our services.

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