Interesting PR Strategy – A Digg Dialogg Interview with Jim Lentz, Toyota US President

Digg Dialog Interview with Toyota US Presidentvia

I recently read in the New York Times that Toyota hired a PR firm to help them strategize through this recall debacle. I wondered why a company like Toyota would not already have a Crisis Management Plan in place, but hired a firm after the fact? Seems odd to me, but I find it is the one area overlooked by large corporations. A Crisis Management Plan is not in place and the time lost trying to get one in place creates leaves a lot open for more reputation damage before the company’s repute starts getting cleaned up.

Anywho, here seems to be one of Toyota’s tactics in the new strategy. With the recent controversy surrounding the Toyota vehicle recall, Jim Lentz, President and Chief Operating Officer of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, answered Digg community’s top questions regarding the recall.

He sat down with Digg to provide perspective on what happened, what they’re doing about it and what consumers need to know about the recall.

The top majority question from the Digg community floored me. Let me know what you think – do you think this campaign is genuine? Do you like this PR campaign strategy? Do you think it is working in Toyota’s favor?

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