Insert Your Company’s Message in People’s Hearts and Minds


What do people think of your business? Deep inside, what do they really think? What do they think about your products or services? What do they think of you?

Reflect on someone you know. Not someone you know intimately, but someone you know of. Perhaps a movie star or politician. Whatever your impression is of that person, in the business world, we call that image you have of them in your head their PR Image.

Public relations are what people think of you and your business. It’s their impression of you. Do they trust you? Have confidence in you? Are you a person or business with integrity?

Perhaps “Public Relations” should be called “People Relations,” because that’s what it’s really about.

My name is Karla Jo Helms. My PR agency, JOTO PR, specializes in people relations. We create PR campaigns that get inside people’s heads and impact them on a personal level. We call this special brand of PR “Anti-PR” because it’s the opposite of what old-time traditional PR agency’s do.

Public Relations starts with one on one contact with customers and potential customers. This is obvious. But a business can only generate so much goodwill person by person. If you want to expand your business, you must influence hundreds and thousands of people (or millions) in a way that has IMPACT and ultimately gets them to ACT.

The question is, how do you influence vast numbers of people with Public Relations?

We do it with multiple PR services.

Here is a short list of must do PR services to influence the critical mass of people needed to exponentially grow your business.


To influence people, you must get inside their heads. You must discover their needs and wants and just as importantly know how to hit them on an EMOTIONAL level.  See, people act on emotion as much as logic. The “e” in emotion literally means Excited. Emotion is excited motion. To create impact, you must hit people on a visceral, emotional level with your PR message. What is the correct emotional message for the public you are trying to reach? That’s where our Smart Market Research comes in to help you formulate a message that will impact people on both a logical and emotional level. Once you have that message crafted you then roll it out broadly with the other steps of PR listed below.


Once your emotional PR message is nailed down, you need a strategic plan. Without this you are rudderless in the water. Endless man-hours and dollars can be wasted. A high-level strategic plan is a PR management tool for organizing all PR deliverables to attain clearly-stated projections of desirable future results. A spot-on plan will bring measurable results to every step of your campaign. It will take a single message and skillfully “insert” it in the hearts and minds of your potential public, thus creating wonderful goodwill and ROI.


If PR is the marathon, Social Media PR is the final sprint to help you win the race. There are NOT dozens of brands of social media to work in for B2B. The most effective are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Exceptional PR consists of knowing what social media outlets to use and how to use them to 1) exponentially spread your third-party credibility around and 2) convert to leads. Social media can be used to:

  • Communicate one-on-one with people
  • Identify what’s hot in social circles
  • Identify a potential brand crisis before it happens
  • Make announcements
  • Create messages that will go viral
  • Generate leads
  • And much more.

Through years of doing public relations, JOTO PR has created a proven B2B blueprint to generate maximum influence on the various social media outlets. It starts with a tailored strategy and audit with intel from your competitors.


Impactful new releases are absolutely necessary to create a wave of good public relations. These consist of knowing how to write a news release with disruptive content that gets attention and will impact your audiences via their gatekeepers: the media. And knowing what media publications and influencers to send your news release to for maximum distribution and exposure.

The above are just some of the core components of a successful PR campaign. They are the most basic services we deliver at JOTO PR.

I invite you to get to know us better by getting a copy of our PR ROI eBook.

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
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