Here it is, the mountaintop.


PR messages start to multiply and accumulate

Ripple Effect

Media reacts with more placements.

Perception Shift

Old clients increase spending concurrent with attracting new business and ROI

In-flu-ence the power to change or affect someone or something; the capacity to cause changes without directly making them happen.

Consistency: We pervade your market with your message. Your story is honed to perfection. It cuts through the noise. Goodwill has been established. You are a powerhouse in the media world. Your pieces are picked up without question because you are now considered an influencer in the arena that you dominate.

Thought Leadership: You are sought after and quoted. Media outlets want your take on current events. You are to the go-to Key Opinion Leader. The best part of influence is the consistent sales growth and expansion. You now dominate.

Snowball Effect: This is the tipping point of adoption – the point at which a series of small changes becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. YOU become the change. You ARE the change. The brand makes the sale.

As your ROI increases, you can now invest in the next thing, which we then take charge of and disrupt, gain exposure and influence for you. Full circle, through these series of developments, we lead you back to the original position of disruption, yet you are in a whole new realm. That first story we put out has turned into a media machine that pumps out new sales, expansion and that sweet, sweet ROI that even makes the most hardened CEO and CFO crack a smile.

Now you are at the 4th stage where we maintain this level of exposure and influence. Don’t get comfortable. Power must be sustained. Use it or lose it.

We know how to get you there. We are changing up the game of PR and have laid out the road map that leads to RESULTS. No more smoke and mirrors. We’re not here to spend a month “getting to know you” only so we can say, “we need more info from you.” We’re here to put you on the map and keep you there.

Are you ready to DISRUPT your industry,
EXPOSE your message and
become an INFLUENCER?

“The brilliant thing about working with JOTO PR I have learned that there are many different target publics in a particular business – having broken down those publics with JoTo PR’s help, I have come to a much deeper understanding of PR.
Whereas before, PR was a “nice to have”, I have realized PR is occurring (good or bad) whether or not you have an agency representing you or not. Breaking down and understanding who my various publics are and know what they give back to our company has been vital. PR is the gateway to any success you are going to have in business. Date coincident with starting with JOTO PR we have doubled as an organization, which was something I had not believed was possible in such a short amount of time.” -J. Hillman, CEO of NTC

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