How you waste marketing dollars


Do you want to get more out of your marketing dollars? If so, please lend me your ear…

There is PR and there is Marketing. They work hand in hand.

Marketing consists of paying for advertisements that hopefully result in the sale of your product or service to consumers.

PR (rather Anti-PR) consists mostly of earned media and influencer exposure that creates trust and confidence with an eventual critical mass of potential consumers.

What is critical mass? Critical mass is where your reputation supersedes you to high number of people. When you hit critical mass, people are already sold on you before your marketing message hits them—and the resultant inflow can continue on its own built-up momentum.

In other words, critical mass would be the point at which their popularity starts to explode.

Think of PR as being the foundation and marketing being the house built on it. If the foundation is not strong the house will crumble. One can spend a ton of money building (and rebuilding) a faulty house when the real problem is not the house but the foundation.

Having a poor foundation (poor or no PR) is the best way to waste marketing dollars.

If you’re like many business owners, you might not think of PR as being a strong foundation on which to expand a business. This is because some traditional PR companies have given the field of PR a bad name. They don’t achieve clear-cut goals that enable their clients to see business expansion and ROI.

Such PR firms are often more concerned with their own “PR” than that of their clients. Hype is the word that comes to mind.

For success with public relations, don’t think PR. Think Anti-PR. My company, JOTO PR specializes in Anti-PR. We do the exact opposite of traditional PR. We don’t deal in hype or nebulous outcomes. We outline clear-cut goals for our clients that lead to predictable expansion of their businesses. Our Anti-PR is the opposite of no return on investment. It is the exact opposite of traditional PR.

Anti-PR disrupts the marketplace. It gets your company noticed. It lays a foundation of confidence and trust in a critical mass of people which, in turn, supercharges your marketing efforts to achieve the greatest return on investment.

More about Critical Mass

Critical mass relating to PR is where you disrupt the marketplace and create the “trust factor” in a large part of your target audience so that they are likely to purchase from you—and get others to purchase from you.

When your PR image reaches this stage of trust with enough people, it takes on a life of its own. When this happens, you have hit the critical mass necessary to move up to a whole new level of abundance in your business.

The Relationship of Critical Mass and PR

Anti-PR needs Marketing to happen—it is not a replacement. But marketing is the worst way to try to create trust and confidence in people. To boot, marketing can cost a fortune to reach a critical mass stage. Anti-PR is the only way to hit critical mass. Maybe that is why many CMOs today are spending up to 50% of their marketing budgets on PR—PR lights the fire, Marketing fans the flames.

Effective Anti-PR comes about by creating good relations with journalists, influencers and key opinion leaders. With these relations established, and in essence endorsing you, the door is now opened to lay a solid foundation. After that, your marketing efforts will improve by ten-fold because the foundation is laid.

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