How To Revive a Brand with the Power of Public Relations

Power Of PR

A Public Relations (PR) team may wear any number of hats, depending upon the objective of the company they are serving. They may need to encourage customers to shop at store locations, support retail distribution by levering media placements, support conversations online, drive traffic, and more. This can apply to brand-new services and products, of course, but it can also serve to revive a brand. To support and expand a sales strategy while reviving a particular brand, good PR relies on some tried-and-true basics as well as proactive, original, and innovative techniques.

What’s Your Core Message? Get Your Whole Team on Board

Brand messaging is essential and the whole team needs to jump on board. A strong team consists of social media, public relations, website developers, production, fulfillment, and vendors that are all sending the same message. To develop the message of a brand, the PR team plays an essential role because they have their finger on the pulse of consumers and media, and what resonates with them.

Use PR to Support Sales

Team objectives can include the following:

  • Support expansion and retail distribution
  • Increase sales by driving traffic to the rebranded and new website (if applicable)
  • Raise brand relaunch consumer awareness

How do you achieve these goals? Use the following:

  • Media coverage and blogger reviews
  • Coverage through broadcast media, print, and online
  • Video reviews

Got Experts? Get Them Ready for Interviews

Typically, the creator of a brand or service is the best expert. That doesn’t mean, however, that more experts shouldn’t be made available. To keep the face and name of your experts and product fresh in the public eye, media interviews using experts offer the public a spokesperson they can believe in (when done right). Be sure that spokespeople are trained regarding media speaking points are likable and believable. Additionally, consider using celebrity spokespersons having growth and strategy discussions with the CEO.

Raise the Awareness of Consumers

Make sure to post on Twitter and Facebook when good reviews and positive coverage is generated. Utilize those who have reviewed your product – social influencers and bloggers – and interact with them to convert them to advocates for your brand.

Retail Distribution Must Be Supported

If you’ve been selling your products online and feel that it’s time to move into an actual brick-and-mortar store, to support this type of move, the leverage of PR efforts can be critical. Companies can appeal to buyers, as well as making their brand more desirable, through the demonstration of big wins. This can include celebrity endorsements (as mentioned earlier), feature articles, and more. You must show your consumers that once your product is out in the stores, you will be able to support sales and you’ve done all you can regarding consumer awareness.

Online Efforts: Support Sales, Drive Traffic

It is crucial that you include your URL in every placement! This drives traffic to your website through the use of online coverage. Through online placements, you can easily track direct referral traffic. Additionally, for broadcast and print estimations, referral traffic gets its basis from the dates of print publications or the air date of a TV or radio segment.

This can be a little complicated, and that’s why you need a seasoned professional with proven results on your side heading your PR team.

Don’t Settle for Just Okay

JoTo PR Disruptors firmly believes that publicity and public relations revolve around two basic concepts: 1) Alert the public to your presence and 2) gain and maintain their respect. Accomplishing these two objectives means the public will be far more interested in what you have to offer, and your target audience will be more comfortable dealing with you. You have the capability to be a powerhouse and we have the knowledge and trustworthiness to take you there! Don’t sit back and let yourself drift into a laissez-faire existence. You and your company can reach seemingly “unachievable” success levels – and JoTo PR Disruptors can catapult you on your way.

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