Eventually, the COVID-19 lockdown will be lifted. Granted, facemasks may be worn for a while, but once everyone gets back to a new sense of normal, damage control will kick in at an accelerated rate. Through this difficult time, to support their clientele, customer service tactics, content strategies, and messaging have been updated. The crisis, as it escalated, caused businesses to drop into reaction mode.

While your company hopefully had a plan as to how to react in a crisis, a plan will also be needed for your post-COVID startup. No, the business is not starting from scratch. But once people begin leaving their homes and making physical purchases and visits again, your company must be ready.

In the interest of assisting you and your company to create your post-coronavirus strategy, we are offering some tips for encouraging customer engagement and effective communication of information.

Announcement Planning

For the time, when it comes, which you resume operations, you should have a plan in place for the big announcement. This should be present across the Internet and your website. To get you started, here are a few ideas:


You should have a pretty extensive customer list, even if you’ve only been in business for a short time. Once the quarantine is over, to reengage your customer base, update your entire list and send out an email campaign.

Google Update

The hours of operation should be updated on your GMB (Google My Business) listing. This is particularly important if, thanks to the coronavirus, your hours were altered, or you closed down temporarily.

Special Offerings

Few can resist discounts, so offer freebies, discounts, and exclusive content whenever and wherever possible. This also bodes well in the minds of your consumers because you’re helping support them in their time of need with these exclusive considerations.

Special Event

Though you may need to practice social distancing, supply masks, and put out hand sanitizer stations, consider hosting a small event to kickstart your reopening. The event can even be digital if you feel the quarantine is not quite in its final stages. Social events, virtual happy hours, etc., can be attended by customers and employees to improve morale, boost PR, and more.

Community Support

We simply cannot ignore the societal impact of COVID-19. Many were affected and it’s going to be crucial to support those individuals and businesses once things get back to a “new normal”.

What can your company do to help others? Services, supplies (medicine, food, masks, sanitizer, etc.), and more are needed. What kind of commitment can you make to the community to be of assistance?

Keep Your Ears Open

Customer feedback should be listened to and considered. Customer sentiment should be reacted to in as positive a manner as possible. Demands will change, so your priorities may need to change as well. Don’t be surprised if your customers ask you to extend any special considerations you’ve made during the quarantine. This could include live streaming, delivery, and other approved services associated with social distancing.

Adjusting strategies because you’re listening to customer feedback means that your public will feel like you’re listening. That helps improve customer satisfaction.

A PR Company With Both You AND The Community In Mind

At JoTo PR, we believe that to alert the public of your presence after lockdown and, if necessary, regain their respect, the right kind of public relations and publicity will be crucial. Exceptional communications are going to peak interest in your company, make others comfortable in dealing with you, and target your precise audience. This can include everyone from prospective clientele to staff members to stakeholders, and beyond.

You want to be a powerhouse and come through this virus as unaffected as possible. Maybe even better than before. To gain success levels you may only have dreamed of, or for information about how to help your company rejuvenate following COVID-19, contact us today.