With the knowledge gained in recent years behind us and its continued growth trajectory, it would be an understatement to say that social media is a big deal—especially for businesses looking to connect with their customers.

While social media has become a daily habit for most of us, social media marketing is a whole different ballgame—and if you’re already wearing a number of hats, it may be difficult to give your business’ social media strategy the attention it deserves.

Fortunately, there are many services that are designed to fill this niche, allowing you to outsource your social media, thereby giving you the best of both worlds – your business can have an active, engaging presence on social for your customers while you freed from having to learn every new feature, update, and algorithm change.

Below, we’ll look at some questions you should ask yourself to determine if outsourcing your social media is in your best interest.

Should I Outsource My Social Media Marketing?

Do I have time to invest in social media marketing? Just like with many other business responsibilities, you must be willing to put time in to see results, and for many businesses, there just isn’t enough bandwidth. Finding engaging content, scheduling posts, and trying new strategies is something that takes time and attention. If your resources are already stretched thin, you should seriously consider outsourcing.

Do I know what my audience wants? Social media marketing isn’t just about posting—it’s about posting the kinds of content your audience wants (hint, it’s not sales pitches). When you outsource your social media, you’ll benefit from the expertise of your chosen agency to ascertain what content will best resonate with your target audience.

Do I have the budget to outsource? Of course, budget is a consideration for any business, but most people don’t realize how affordable outsourcing your social media can be. To do social marketing on your own – and to do it right – you’ll want a dedicated professional on your team who can take the reins. This involves a competitive salary, training time, benefits, and all the other costs involved with bringing on a new team member. While the cost of outsourcing may seem high at first, when you consider all these factors, it can actually cost-effective in the long run.

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