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Have you wasted time and money on ineffective PR firms? If so, this email will inform you why big PR houses almost always get it wrong, but more importantly, how you can use effective PR to boost your revenues.

If you haven’t lost money with ineffective PR firms, then congratulations. You can do PR the right way from the beginning. Please spend five minutes reading this to learn how.


How is it that big PR firms hook you in the first place? What do they say to make you believe that their wizardry would translate to, well, anything?

It’s usually the “top-shelf” media placements they say you’ll get.

The New York Times, Business Week, WIRED, and every major trade catalog in your industry, is probably what they promised. Lots of “clickthroughs” and “impressions.”

And sometimes they deliver by virtue of their big, fancy reputation – that one incredible placement, that one time.

So why don’t you see results in terms of ROI?

Here’s a little secret: PR firms survive off that one placement they get in a big publication. They use that ONE placement as their own PR tool to show you and other potential clients how “influential they are with media.”

But even if you’re placed in a publication with a readership all over the world, and a sizeable group of followers in your target market, it’s going to take more than an isolated placement to build up that critical public recognition and trust. It takes repetition. Lots of it.

And here’s another problem…

It’s not only the quantity of press releases that bring success, but also the quality of press releases. PR firms often write about an industry-specific award you won, or that you moved your office, or some other “news” that no one outside of your office really cares about. Low quality press releases don’t work.

At JOTO PR, we know that the media only cares when you’re shaking things up, commenting on real issues affecting real people, and finding real solutions to the problems we face today.

In terms of media placement, JoTo PR does things differently in two major ways:

  • As soon as we’ve finished your market research, we get to work placing a barrage of articles in outlets at all levels to create a constant stream of recognition for your company and your product. We focus on creating a buzz, which gets stronger and stronger until major news outlets are picking up your stories regularly.
  • We don’t “wait for you to do something” in order to get your name out there. We position you as a disruptor, someone who’s coming from a fresh place with a new solution. This gets right in the mix from the start with your industry’s key opinion leaders and players.

Of course, we get you those great media placements, too. Stories about our clients have appeared in:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Forbes
  • IT World
  • Reuters
  • CSO
  • CNBC
  • USA Today
  • The Miami Herald
  • Wall Street Journal

At the same time, we also might get you into a small industry journal that people read more faithfully and thoroughly, that’s more likely to be specific to their needs and which people go to expressly looking for new products and services and solutions to their problems.

679% growth of top-line revenue

This “firing on all cylinders” rather than “one-hit wonder” strategy is what’s gotten our clients results to the tune of up to 679% 3-year growth of top-line revenue. Your organization can’t achieve its best ROI power without influence, and you won’t have influence if you don’t have maximum exposure!

We get out there ASAP and position you to disrupt the industry in a good way, but mostly in a newsworthy way. That’s how real PR gets you dollars-and-cents results, every time.

But what about the good news?

One thing you might find hard to believe in today’s media climate is that good news DOES sell – you just have to know how to position it properly. At JOTO PR, we’re experts on what the media truly wants to report and on how to pitch it to them – which is why we can deliver such great PR ROI to you.

You know you want to give us a chance – call us at 888.202.4614 or send us an email to schedule your completely free, 30-minute “Anti-PR” Consultation today.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
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