How to Create “Buzz” for Your Business


What your business needs is buzz!

By “buzz,” I’m not talking about over-the-top enthusiasm that is both annoying and fake. I’m talking about genuine excitement gushing through your business, like warm spring air through a wind tunnel. Buzz is what every business needs.

I think you might agree that nothing creates buzz like having your business make headlines and potential customers clamoring to know more about how to do business with you.

Said differently: big-time exposure for your business that results in sales—now that’s buzz!

Yet, many businesses suffer from the exact opposite of buzz. They suffer from buzzkill. Buzzkill is a person or thing that has a depressing or dispiriting effect on your business. Lack of exposure and sales is, to varying degrees, buzzkill for any business.

There are many ways to create buzz, and most all of them fall under the heading of Public Relations—or earned media.

How PR creates BUZZ

Professional PR actions can influence hundreds and thousands of people (or millions) in a way that has IMPACT and ultimately gets them to ACT. In today’s internet world it can happen overnight, literally.

On the other hand, lazy public relations can be a buzzkill. In fact, lazy PR is almost more demoralizing than no PR. Lazy PR consists of a poorly written press releases (all fluff, all “look at me”, no news), an attempt to influence the masses on social media by being “interesting” instead of interested, only to end up influencing no one, it’s the hope of grand exposure but never getting it. Lazy PR is demoralizing because your hopes rise in anticipation of creating buzz. Then…nothing.

Unfortunately, lazy PR is all too prevalent in the PR industry. By the very name “lazy PR” you would think I’m referring to small or unknown PR agencies. Hardly, in fact, the term might more accurately describe big and even famous PR firms.

If you ever hired a traditional PR firm you may have experienced their brand of lazy PR. The telltale sign is that your PR campaign yielded little results. Traditional PR firms often have big, beautiful offices and golden plaques on their walls, but when it comes to creating buzz that’s a different story.

PR buzz is created by:

  • DISRUPTING the marketplace with a message that shows you know the issues your prospective clients are facing
  • Getting massive EXPOSURE for that message; and
  • INFLUENCING public opinion by taking a stance.
  • And then doing it all over again… and again.

It’s a simple formula to state, but it takes years of experience and total dedication to put these three buzz creators into action so that you get stellar results and ROI for your PR actions.

These three buzz creators are what we do at JOTO PR. After spending years in the field of crisis PR management we have perfected the art of creating buzz. More specifically, we achieve buzz (PR success) by implementing:

  • A Strategic Communication Plan designed to make your brand disrupt the media landscape in such a way as to make you shine across many outlets and social networks.
  • Smart Market Research to ensure we hit your target market with the exact message that will get them wanting to do business with your company. News Releases where you influence your prospective clientele by becoming a thought leader in your field—not namby-pamby-I’m-so-great press releases that the media HATE.
  • Publicity where we get you top tier media writing about you month after month—consistently—starting on month ONE. Yep, numero UNO..
  • Social Media PR & Marketing to create a strong word-of-mouth campaign for your business, social proof and the ability to move your publicity even farther… with advertising to garner leads.

Our brand of PR is quite the opposite of lazy PR. In fact, we have a name for our brand. We call it Anti-PR because it is “anti” the lazy PR that is too prevalent in the industry.

Through years of doing public relations, JOTO PR has created a proven B2B blueprint to generate maximum influence in the news media, social media and by many other means to create buzz for your company. But don’t take my word for it. The proof is in our results, which you can see here.

The above are just some of the core components of creating buzz with a successful PR campaign. They are the most basic services we deliver at JOTO PR.

I invite you to get to know us better by getting a copy of our PR ROI eBook.

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