How To Communicate With Potential Investors And The Media


To communicate with potential investors smoothly, you first of all, have to know that what you say matters. Also, how you present yourself is equally very important. The media and potential investors look at every possible angle before deciding if they want to work with you.

This can be intimidating if it’s your first encounter with them, but it doesn’t have to be. With lots of practice, exposure, and the helpful takeaways discussed in this blog post, you’ll win them over before you know it.

So how do you interact with them without making it evident that you are new to the whole thing?

Always Have the Upper Hand

Potential investors and journalists like a business owner who is in control. They will test you at different times during the exchange to confirm this. Present your first messages, throw in some supporting examples and touch on the takeaways in a calm and relaxed way. Make room for any queries that they may have.

There’s always an urge to talk some more after you’ve driven the point home. Don’t yield to it, as what you say after the punch line may nullify the good impression you gave earlier.

Prepare Thoroughly

Journalists and potential investors leave no stones unturned and hold back no punches. To stand up to them and beat them at their own game, arm yourself with every detail about your company.

Investors incline more towards the financial benefits they stand to gain from your company. They will ask as many questions as possible to determine how likely your business is to succeed. Communicate with potential investors smoothly by familiarizing yourself with the numbers. Also, have a solid investment and strengthen it with the right examples.

The media focuses more on details. As such, unnecessary information about your business may not be sufficient to deliver the knockout punch. They are interested in the landscape as a whole, where your business comes in, and how it affects their audience.

Confidence is Everything

No matter the size of your business and how influential your figures and facts are, they don’t matter much if your body language is wanting. 

Your body language speaks more to people than words do. Here are some proven ways to keep your confidence in check:

  • Look at the investor in the eye when they’re talking to you¾not a glare, just a relaxed look.
  • Hold your breath and let it out slowly to control nervousness.
  • Smile and laugh when necessary. A constant straight face not only creates tension between you and them, but it gives them the idea that your confidence is at its lowest. Don’t take criticism personally.
  • Validate yourself in your mind. They are willing to give you a chance. That’s proof that you count for something.
  • Ask a friend to practice with you and get the whole thing on video. This way, you can identify some flaws in the exchange and polish them up.

Don’t be too polished. You need to appear real. A super rehearsed speech without pauses, fillers (a few uhs and ums) or hesitation will be not seem natural and can become suspect.

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