Many businesses have had to change, pivot and otherwise alter course over the past year, and if we have seen one trend stand out, it is the fact that the brands who are doing that well are just that: brands, not just businesses. Having an authoritative and engaging presence in your space, whatever industry that might be, makes a difference in everything from online engagement to overall sales.

Brand authority is essentially a term describing how much your customers trust your brand and see you as an expert in your field. This leads to an environment where your brand is the go-to for all the information—and all the product needs of consumers, too.

How to Add Authority to Your Brand Presence

Utilize content marketing to its fullest. If your brand isn’t putting out any content, customers will not only not be able to hear from you, but they also won’t know to buy from you, which is the ultimate goal. Genuine, engaging content marketing can help customers no matter where they are in the buying journey, from general discovery to conversions. To build authority, consider tailoring your content marketing efforts to appeal to a wide range of customers in a way that showcases your expertise.

Make use of (good) PR. Not all PR is the same, and quite a lot of PR out there is useless. However, if done correctly, PR campaigns are proven to show results, increase authority in a space and boost your sales. Look for a PR firm that helps you set goals, measure progress and guarantees results, so you can saturate the market with your message and get all eyes on your brand.

Highlight reviews and testimonials. Word-of-mouth is an extremely powerful force, but in the digital age, what that looks like has changed. Be sure you are using any testimonials, reviews, and shout-outs to their fullest so your potential customers can see what your happy customers have to say. Using these reviews on your site, in your social messaging and in other forms of content is a great way to showcase what you’re already doing well.

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