How to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals – Even When You Have No Time

Today, it seems everyone is busier than ever. Who has time to balance work, family and other responsibilities, let alone achieve health and fitness goals? You do! Even if your hectic life leaves little time for exercise, a few easy steps can put you on track to improving your health and your quality of life. You just need to figure out what works for you, plan your program and schedule your time. The best way to get started is to consult a professional – someone who understands which exercises and activities will be of greatest benefit to you. Consider partnering with a physical therapist, who can help you design a fitness plan that fits your goals and schedule.

Health and Fitness Tips For Busy People
When you have little time for yourself, exercise is often neglected – and before you know it, you’re out of shape, susceptible to injuries and illness, and feeling bad about yourself. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Blaine Stimac, owner of Professional Therapy Associates and a licensed physical therapist in Montana, offers these tips to bring health and wellness back into your life:

1.Identify your goals. Whether you want to train for a marathon, build upper body strength or increase your endurance, the first step is to determine what you want to achieve.

2.Design a program that fits your needs. The second step is figuring out how to reach your goals and fit exercise into your daily routine. Can you set aside an hour or two, or just 30 minutes a day? Are you able to reschedule other activities to make more time for your fitness program?

3.Create a schedule. If your days are packed with commitments and activities, you may find it helpful to add your fitness sessions to a schedule, just as you would for your work meetings or your kids’ after-school activities. Get a calendar and jot down your fitness plan for the coming week, which might include a Pilates class, two 40-minute runs and a bike ride. Check off each activity as you complete it.

4.Keep your workout simple and efficient. It’s important to have a defined program so you don’t waste time wandering through the gym, wondering what to do next. Challenge yourself, but keep your program simple enough to follow – and don’t overdo it, or you could burn out.

5.Partner up. Having a workout partner can make a huge difference in your motivation and enjoyment. When you’re scheduled to meet someone at the gym or on the trail, you’re more likely to show up. Don’t be shy about asking friends and family about working out together. There are plenty of others who are looking for the same motivation and camaraderie.

6.Find something you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy your workouts, you’re wasting your valuable time and setting yourself up for failure. When you view exercise as a chore, you may start to dread working out, and find excuses to avoid it. Soon, you may even stop working out altogether. Find an activity you love, and it won’t even feel like a workout.

7.Ask for help. If you want to start working toward your health and fitness goals but have limited time, consult with a physical therapist, who can help design a program that works for you. Based on your goals, a trained physical therapist will recommend an exercise plan that delivers maximum benefits while keeping your interests, abilities and schedule in mind.

Physical Therapy Associates Can Help You Achieve Your Heath and Fitness Goals
Has your busy life sidetracked your fitness plans? Perhaps you tried yoga or dance classes, but stopped going because of a lack of time. Or maybe you worked out on your own for a while, but found it difficult to accommodate exercise in your packed schedule. No matter how busy you are, you can put health and fitness back on top of your priority list – and still have time for your other responsibilities.

When you partner with Professional Therapy Associates to design a fitness program, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a highly trained physical therapist. Blaine Stimac and his talented team of therapists have extensive experience in helping clients attain their health and fitness goals. Your physical therapist will talk to you about your objectives, your time limitations and the activities you enjoy and use that information to develop a fitness plan. Professional Therapy Associates works with several health centers and trainers throughout the Flathead Valley; and together, they will give you as much guidance and professional support as you need to stay with your program and achieve your health and fitness goals.

Physical therapists are dedicated to helping individuals move easily and without pain through all stages of life. They focus on each patient’s needs, whether that involves recovering from injuries, improving flexibility, increasing strength or building endurance. You can count on your physical therapist to help you improve your fitness level by creating a program that will get results – no matter how busy you are.

Return to Fitness With Professional Therapy Associates
Taking care of yourself means giving your body the nutrition, rest and exercise it needs to function properly. By partnering with a physical therapist, you’ll have professional help in developing a fitness plan you will stick with and enjoy.

Take the first step to improving your health and achieving your fitness goals with a plan designed for you by Professional Therapy Associates. Choose from four convenient clinics throughout the Flathead Valley, including Kalispell North, Flathead Health and Fitness, Whitefish and Columbia Falls. For more information, including physical therapy services and locations, visit

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