How to Achieve Power and Avoid a PR Crises


The following four milestones of effective PR, when applied to your business, can greatly boost your revenues. They are:

  • Cause DISRUPTION: Position yourself as an industry leader who’s not afraid to make waves
  • Get EXPOSURE: Be constantly in the news, in all kinds of outlets, and create a buzz around your business or product
  • INFLUENCE your industry: Be a go-to thought leader in regard to real solutions to problems, and garner respect
  • And maintain POWER: Be a bedrock in your field and stay that way!

In my last email to you I discussed how Disruption and Exposure can work to your advantage. (If you did not receive that email just hit replay, let me know and I’ll get it to you). Now we’ll talk about Influence and Power.

Business gets easier and more prosperous once you reach the “influence” milestone of effective PR. Your public – and other players in your industry – look to you as a key problem solver. You achieve a level of great influence.

Business get even easier when you reach the next milestone, “Power.” But there are dangers you must be prepared for. At this point, you really have to do what’s right in order to keep growing and stay on top.

There’s a special science to staying on top. And this science includes creating as much goodwill around your name and your business as possible.

Be prepared for a crisis

To achieve the influence milestone your voice will have reached a critical mass of people. At this point your chances increase of getting embroiled in a crisis. I know. It’s not fair. But, trust me, it happens, and you must be prepared. How you weather the storm depends on how well you’ve done your PR legwork beforehand.

If you reach the influence milestone and say “Okay, we’re done,” and you allow your goodwill cushion to drop off, then you really are done when the bad news comes to town.

Achieving the power milestone involves consistent media placements, and lots of stories about your good works. Then when the news breaks about your “scandal” it’s going to fall like a pebble into the ocean. At the very least it won’t be believed, juxtaposed to all goodwill you’ve created.

In short, effective PR is not a one-shot game. Great PR that increases knowledge and trust of your business is an ongoing game. That’s the kind of PR we practice here at JOTO-PR.

We apply the four milestones of effective PR to your business to get you stellar ROI, increase your revenues and make you a thought leader in your market which results in unshakable goodwill.

Take advantage or our free “Anti-PR Consultation

We at JoTo PR take you through the four milestones of effective PR so that you can enjoy the revenues and protection your business deserves. We’re ready and waiting to schedule your free, 30-minute “Anti-PR” Consultation, in which one of our veteran consultants will take an objective look at your PR assets thus far and advise you on the following:

  • Our Stages of PR ROI
  • Where You’re Losing Revenue from Poor PR Strategy
  • Where You Have Potential PR Liabilities
  • Timeline for You to Reach Key Opinion Leader Status

We know that you know PR generally gets a bad rap all around, but there is a different way. The Anti-PR Way. And when PR does what it’s supposed to, your true return on investment is tracked, and your marketing dollars are allowed to work their full magic, you will have success. It’s that simple.

You may think you can’t afford effective PR, the truth is in today’s internet world you can’t not afford it. Make that day today – we deliver return on your investment, no excuses.

PR is not just smoke and mirrors. PR done right is your business plan’s missing piece. Call us at 888.202.4614 or send us an email to schedule your consultation and get started.

And don’t’ forget: You can also learn more by getting a copy of our ROI eBook.

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